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Master of Magic

Take up the role of a great wizard, wield powerful spells, command fantasy races and challenge your rivals in this remake of a cult turn-based strategy classic. Do you have what it takes to become Master of Magic?

Recent NEWS

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Dev Diary #10 April 2022

May. 03, 2022 - Dev Diary #10 April 2022

Development Diary #9 - March 2022

Mar. 29, 2022 - So this month the dev diary will be brief, or rather it will certainly show more than tell, as we…

Master of Magic - Development Diary #8 - February 2022

Feb. 22, 2022 - This month we decided to go back to the beginning as it were and talk about what exactly makes…


MuHa Games

Master of Magic is a combination of an RPG and a strategy game, a remake of a classic from the 90s.

In Master of Magic you take up the role of one of 14 unique and diverse great wizards who compete with each other to dominate the worlds of Arcanus and Myrror.
Choose from different schools of magic and fantasy races to command, then lead your minions and expand your influence and power across the land.

Recruit and command mighty armies of elves, dragons, dwarves, orcs and many more. Support them with powerful spells. Fight tactical turn-based battles and affect the outcome with your magic.

Research new spells, engage in alchemy, perform rituals and use your arcane powers to change the world around you.
Always beware of the machinations of your rival wizards, who seek to reach your same goals. But in the end, remember: there can be only one Master of Magic.