Version 1.0.4 patch notes

In the age of Pike and Shot, mighty struggles erupted across Europe for causes religious, political or dynastic. The Thirty Years War raged across Germany and beyond, leaving devastation in its wake, but saw the rise of great commanders such as Count Tilly, Wallenstein and King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, and rapid developments in battlefield tactics.
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Version 1.0.4 patch notes

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Hi guys,

Pike And Shot is updated to versione 1.0.4!

Here's the full changelog:

Version 1.0.4
1. Added advanced option to Minimize tooltips. If this option is selected, there will be no tooltips during the battle except showing the name of the unit the mouse is over. Of course the usual Simple and Detailed tooltip options are still available. When tooltips are minimized, on the PC you can still hold down the CTRL key to see detailed tooltips.

2. General Terrain Type (Agricultural, Hilly, Woodland or Mountains) can now be specified for random map generation in Skirmishes and in the Editor. This is assumed to be the type of province the battle is taking place in, so the actual battlefield terrain will still vary considerably. Note that for random maps in the Editor “Northern Europe” generates English-style terrain with some fields enclosed with hedges, “Central Europe” generates German-style terrain with open fields, “Southern Europe” generates Italian-style terrain with open fields.

3. Mountains and Cliffs tile types added and used in Mountain province random maps. Mountains are impassable to mounted troops and artillery and count as Difficult Going for foot. Cliffs are impassable to all troops.

4. Default widths of Skirmish maps increased to give more room for cavalry manoeuvre and deployment areas adjusted to keep light troops close to rest of army in initial deployment. If you prefer narrower maps you can still set those in Advanced skirmish settings.

5. Pot Luck can now be selected separately for Side A and Side B in Skirmishes. If Pot Luck is selected the army nation and force composition will be chosen by the AI. If the Side A army list is specified but Side B army set to Pot Luck, the Side A player will get to choose forces (if Force Selection: Auto is not selected) if the games is SP, but (for the sake of fairness) not if the game is MP.

6. The points set for non-standard points MP challenges can now be seen in the MP lobby for as yet unaccepted challenges. This will enable both sides to see that the points adjustments have been made correctly. (The main purpose of this feature is to allow the game to be used to resolve battles for hand-moderated campaigns, which may involve battles between unbalanced forces).

7. Handicap on size of defender forces for MP Attack and Defend skirmish scenarios reduced. Extensive play since release has shown that the previous balance favoured the attacker too much.

8. Handicap on total size of forces of side sending a flank march removed - flank marches are not as valuable on the new wider maps. Note that the flank march comes out of the total forces, they are not extra, so the army is reduced in size until they arrive.

9. Scenario description exporter now works as intended. (Note that this does not produce scenario intros that are exactly the same as the ones in the game. To see how to do this, see ... 19&t=62582 )

10. To improve scriptless user-created scenarios.
a. Scriptless SP scenarios will use standard victory conditions (as they do already) but these will now also automatically be displayed on the screen in the top left corner.
b. Scriptless MP scenarios will use standard MP-adjusted victory conditions taking into account any initial disparity of forces (as most of the historical MP scenarios do) and these will automatically be displayed on the screen in the top left corner.
MP scenarios in particular are very easy to create purely in the editor just by placing terrain and units (and possibly reinforcements). No script is necessary.
Note: Any existing user-created scenarios that do have scenario scripts including a DrawScenarioUI() function need to have the line return 1; added to the end of the function, so that the program knows the function exists in the scenario script. (Otherwise it will write the default version as well).

11. Made advancing AI cavalry wings less distractable by light troops in Skirmishes and some historical scenarios.

12. Night prevented from falling prior to the turn limit in Skirmish games.

13. Keils can no longer ignore the ZOC of keils.

14. Corrected bug that still allowed keils to ignore the ZOC of the unit in the square directly in front of them in certain orientations.

15. Troops defending heavy fortifications now never pursue. (Previously they had a 25% chance of doing so). Troops defending Light or Medium fortifications still have a 25% chance of pursuing enemy non-light foot.

16. Crossbows removed from Mounted Arquebusiers model.

17. Corrected bug which prevented garrison mounted troops from moving around inside heavy fortifications.

18. Corrected issue of guns (limbered) being unable to deploy into Medium or Light fortifications.

19. Corrected bug causing Side1 turns remaining to be reported incorrectly in MP games with deadlines.

20. Various UI tweaks for the iPad version.
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