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WEGO WWII: Stalingrad - Out Now

Published on March 31, 2022

We are pleased to announce that WEGO WWII: Stalingrad is out now.

WEGO World War II: Stalingrad 1942 comes with three campaigns. Each campaign consists of three to six linked scenarios. The game uses stylized maps of the Russian steppes over which a hexagonal grid system has been superimposed. This grid is employed to help regulate land unit placement, movement, and combat. Air, Naval, and Ground Assets are off-map capabilities that can be brought into play when the owning player sees fit.

To celebrate this moment, the game will have a launch discount of 10% off, for one week until April 7. The previous game by the same developers, WEGO World War II: Desert War, is also discounted, at 65% off. 

And if you want to get both with one click (and an additional 10% off) you can by getting the bundle here.

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