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War in the East 2 - New Patch

Published on May 27, 2021


A new patch (v 01.00.11) for War in the East 2 has been released, and you can download it HERE


What's new:

New Features and Rule Changes
• Reduced the likelihood that ground elements type SP Artillery and Heavy SP Artillery will become 
involved in direct fire ground combat. 
• CV values on map for mountain units in mountain hexes and ski units in heavy snow now reflect 
their CV modifiers.

Bug Fixes and AI Improvements
• Creating multiplayer games while the PBEM button was turned on in the main menu causes problems with the MP game. Fixed. This will fix any existing server game when it is downloaded.
• Crash to desktop on loading using 1.00.07, caused by duplicate font loading for some rare system settings. Fixed.
• Crash to desktop at end of logistics, caused by changing the HQ of a unit In Transfer from a TB (should not be able to do this). Fixed.
• Non-replacement panzer battalions are incorrectly automatically merging into Panzer Divisions. Fixed.
• Troops cut off in Leningrad area incorrectly considered in supply during German turn and rout over lake. Fixed.
• No ground support is flying during attacks on city forts. Fixed.
• Many duplicate AOGs are appearing for the German player. Fixed.
• Hotkey for soft factors skips combat prep and fatigue. Fixed.
• AI - AI air assist is creating depots (it should not). Fixed.
• AI - Some Soviet AI frozen units are still moving 1 hex. Fixed.
• AI - Made it less likely that AI units will move illegally to escape from a near pocket.
• AI – Soviet AI moves frozen units (on Romanian border on turn 1 and out of Moscow). Fixed.• AI - Axis AI is illegally taking control of Soviet hexes far in the Soviet rear in StoB and RAR scenarios. Also, sometimes Axis AI units warp into these hexes. Fixed.
• AI - Soviet AI moves into occupied enemy hex in Velikie Luki scenario and forces Axis unit to warp 
away. Fixed.
• AI - Germans take Osinovets and Soviet still moves unit onto Lake Ladoga. Fixed.
• AI – Improved Soviet AI attacks in Red God of War.
• AI – Improved AI use of reserve and refit modes.
• AI – Improved Soviet defense of Moscow in 42 and made some improvements in Soviet defense
of Leningrad in 41/42.
• AI - Improved the system that replays first player AI scripts on the first turn of the game. The script 
should now more accurately recreate what the designer set up in the script.

Data and Scenario Changes
1941 Campaign
   - Fixed HMGs in German Mountain Divisions
   - Reassigned the four BAKs to the Long Range Air Command
   - Fixed naming issues in a couple of R.A.D. Detachments
   - Marine Flak adjustments
   - Improved German AI first turn script. Thanks to tyronec for the new script

Velikie Luki
   - Fixed proper nationality of some anti-tank guns
   - Set Axis and Soviet production to 1%

   - Kalinin Front's Commander (Eremenko) has been cleared as he already begins the game commanding Bryansk Front. The Player will have to assign a commander. 

Red Army Resurgent
   - Fixed Italian 105mm Skoda Guns showing up in the German equipment pool

Road to Leningrad
   - Removed KM Baltic Amphibious unit

Stalingrad to Berlin
   - 559th Panzerjaeger Bn converts to 559th Heavy PzJg Bn on Turn 74 (Marder to Jagdpanther)
   - 357th and 359th Infantry Divisions now have the 44a Infantry Division TO&E
   - 655th Pioneer Bn converts to a Pioneer Bde on Turn 102
   - 655th Panzerjaeger Bn converts from the Nashorn to the Jagdpanther on Turn 95
   - 561st Panzerjager Bn converts from the Marder III to the Hetzer On Turn 116

Vistula to Berlin
   - 559th Heavy Panzerjaeger Bn moves from the Nashorn to the Jagdpanther and is Unlocked in WE
   - 655th Pioneer Bde replaces the former Bn
   - 655th Panzerjaeger Bn has the Jagdpanther and is Unlocked in WE
   - 561st Panzerjaeger Bn converts from the M III to the Hetzer on Turn 3

• Some corrections to the ground element file for inconsistencies between the various configurations of German and captured Soviet equipment between Germany and her allies. 

• Corrected some discrepancies in Axis and Soviet 120mm mortars.

• Thirteen new WitE2Pedia entries:- 1st Tank Division, 198th Mechanized Division, 115th, 171st, 357th-360th, 395th, 411th, 412th, 416th and 421st Rifle Divisions.

• A few minor graphic corrections to the map.

• OB Update
   - OB 819 - 42 Rum. Pioneer Battalion - cleaned up extraneous entry
   - OB 1073 - 42 Motorcycle Regiment - changed T-40 1941 to the T-60 1941
   - OB 194 - 41 Mountain Division - fixed entry for 7.92mm HMG

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