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Gary Grigsby's War in the East 2

War in the East 2 is the most comprehensive, most realistic, and most advanced wargame modeling Eastern Front warfare in World War Two.


Title Date
[PC] Installer v01.00.07 Apr 09, 2021
[PC] Update v01.03.11 Mar 25, 2024

Recent NEWS

Gary Grigsby's War in the East 2 Morale Update

Mar. 20, 2024 - The next update for War in the East 2 brings you changes to morale and air attacks.

War in the East 2 Order of Battle Update Out Now

Nov. 22, 2023 - The Order of Battle major update is out now.

Gary Grigsby's War in the East 2 Order of Battle Update Announcement

Nov. 06, 2023 - A major update for this modern classic

Gary Grigsby's War in the East 2 Official Update V1.02.52

Mar. 27, 2023 - We have just released a new update for Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2


2by3 Games
Mar 25, 2021
World War II - Eastern Front
Eastern Europe
PDF E-Book

The Eastern Front, the most decisive theatre of World War II and the largest land battlefield.  A fight to the end, Total War between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, each commanding millions. The legendary wargame team at 2by3 Games has spent years revisiting this titanic conflict to once again establish a new state of the art.

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2 is a complete overhaul and improvement of the original War in the East, with no stone left unturned to provide a more realistic, more historically rich, and more challenging strategy experience.  War in the East 2 comes with a wide array of scenarios ranging from the short tutorial on the Battle for Velikie Luki, to the four month Destruction of Southwest Front, up to the immense full 1941 – 1945 Grand Campaign of the entire Eastern front from Operation Barbarossa to the fall of Berlin.  A total of seven Operational Scenarios and three Full Map Campaigns await you with hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of historical gameplay.

Years of new development have resulted in the best AI opponent ever made by 2by3 for any of their game. Also included are a much more accurate map including a full single and double rail network as well as the historical road network, a detailed and expanded Order of Battle, new realistic movement and combat models, an advanced Logistics system, a vastly improved and easy to manage Air system and many other improvements in the interface and game management, as well as a built-in encyclopedia of the weapons and units of the Eastern Front.  This is just scratching the surface of the many new features and improvements, all of which are explained in a fully comprehensive manual, also available as a physical copy.

The Manual:  If you order the additional Physical copy, you will receive the largest and most comprehensive manual ever printed for our games.  In the works for years alongside the development of War in the East 2, this 520-page hardbound full-color manual leaves no stone unturned in fully documenting every aspect of the game system, from getting you started with the mechanics to advanced systems and strategies as well as designer notes and useful appendices.  Every copy will include a PDF digital form of this manual, but only the physical version will include the hardbound printed manual, while supplies last


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