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Shadow Empire will be released on Steam on December 3rd

Published on November 19, 2020

Shadow Empire, one of the best 4X games ever released on PC according to PCGamesN, will be out on Steam on December 3rd.

The Steam release also comes with a major update which brings air units to the game. This patch will be available for all Matrix owners as well.

Air forces are the first big post-release addition to Shadow Empire and Shadow Empire leaves nothing to chance. Your choices will heavily impact the way air forces play. Air Model types are a type of equipment that requires careful design depending on the type of planet you find yourself on.

A planet with hardly any atmosphere, for example, will not be able to support Propellor Engines or Jet Engines. A lack of atmosphere means there is nothing for them to use to create lift, but using Rocket Engines might well enable you to take to the skies. Planets with both low gravity and a reasonable atmosphere will make it extremely easy to fly and airpower will likely be very important on these kinds of worlds.

Here's a first sneak peek of the new Air Model design. More details will be shared soon!


The Ultralight Aircraft Model type is the ideal choice for a quick and cheap reconnaissance Model, one that even might pack some strafing power if not opposed by serious enemy Air Units.

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