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Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg and Downfall DLC - Out Now

Published on January 25, 2024

Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg and it's DLC Downfall, are out now, on Matrix Store and here on Steam.

Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg follows the Western Allies through the battles along Germany's border and into the heart of the Reich itself. The game covers the October 1944 through January 1945 timeframe with a focus on the American sector of the Battle of the Bulge.

Downfall DLC introduces the late-war British, Canadian, and Polish forces through to VE Day, 8 May 1945, or take charge of desperate ad-hoc German forces and Volkssturm. In this DLC you can wield Comets, Pershings,and other late-war equipment through three campaigns (totaling twenty-four missions), ten standalone scenarios, and dozens of new Quick Battle maps.

To celebrate the launch on Steam and Matrix Games, the base game will be discounted by 30%, while the "Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg Complete Bundle" will be discounted at 10% off for a limited time.

Anyone with a copy of the game purchased on Battlefront.com will also be able to redeem a Steam key HERE using their original game code. If you want to know how to do it, all details can be found here

Last but not least, we are excited to announce the opening of sign-ups for a new tournament.

The Tournament will begin February 5, 2024.

This Tournament will feature 3 rounds with a different scenario each one. The round time is 50 days.

Last Man Out- Remnants of 17th Armored Infantry Battalion attempt escape from Herrlisheim. Axis probe

Trouble with Siegfried- Forward US elements meet the Westwall. Allied attack.

Cutline to Grosshaw – Opposing infantry platoons clash during a fighting patrol into the Hurtgen Forrest. Meeting engagement
Before joining the tournament, please take a moment and carefully read these instructions that are specific to all Combat Mission Tournaments.
- Because of the way that Combat Mission’s original “play by email” system works, both game files have an in-game field for password protection of the file. This field should be left blank. For the Allied side the password has been selected before the battles were sent and that field is to be left blank. You can use a password for the Axis side but it isn’t needed because the Tournament feature handles protection from cheating without using the in game system.

- The Tournament will have you playing 2 individual battles where you are playing both sides of the same battle. If you get into the game before your opponent, you will see 1 game turn to play. If your opponent has gotten there first then you will see 2 turn files and each turn thereafter should have 2 files.

 - Once a tournament begins you will receive the files in the "Saved Game and PBEM"; drop menu under Automated PBEM++ In Progress. You will receive email notifications when your opponent has sent you turns. 
- When logging in you MUST use the email address associated with your Martix account 
- You will need a Matrix user name and password to play any tournament (or PBEM++ battle).

You can sign up here. Don't miss it.

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