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What happened at Home of Wargamers?

Published on September 12, 2023

Earlier today we hosted our new Home of Wargamers live stream on Twitch. During our event, we shared exciting news, developer interviews, and showcased a series of new expansions and in-development updates for some of our major titles, including details on the upcoming Modern Naval Warfare and Command: Showcase - Operation Desert Falcon

To celebrate Home of Wargamers, two of Matrix Games’ titles welcomed a release today: Combat Mission added Combat Mission Fortress Italy to its sprawling franchise on Steam, including all DLCs now being available, while the turn-based tactics game Valor & Victory launched its latest expansion, Valor & Victory: Kursk

Valor & Victory: Kursk - out now

Kursk, the fourth DLC for Valor & Victory, is out now.

To enhance your tactical arsenal, 10 new maps have been introduced, each designed to reflect the rugged terrain of the Eastern Front. Maneuver your forces wisely and exploit the unique features of each battlefield to gain the upper hand. In addition, 3 new armor units have been deployed to the frontlines, providing you with more strategic options to dominate your adversaries.

Furthermore, the new Panzer Grenadier units will bolster your infantry forces, adding versatility and resilience to your ranks. And that’s not all. Today we also announced the next DLC Valor&Victory: Pacific, which plunges you into this theater of war, where the forces of Japan and China join the fray.