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Valor & Victory - Normandy Quick Battles Tournament

Published on June 07, 2022

We are pleased to announce another Valor & Victory public tournament:
The “Valor & Victory: Normandy Quick Battles” tournament.

Anyone who has the base game can enter. You do not need to own any DLC.

To enter, go to the tournament page and sign up HERE.
The tournament follows Swiss Tournament rules: you can find the full list of rules HERE.

The first round will commence on Friday, 17 June 2022 9:30 GMT. No further entries can be accepted after the tournament has begun.

You will challenge other players on 2 Short battles in the British Normandy Campaign:

Round 1 – The Meuvaines Ridge Strongpoint

The 6th Green Howards make their way to the Meuvaines Ridge Strongpoint, against strong German resistance.
Game Turns: 5
Type: Elimination - Attacker must eliminate or pin all enemy units.

Round 2 – Pegasus Bridge

Just after midnight gliders drop the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry to the canal bridge at Benouville. The paratroopers then commence their assault almost before the German defenders knew what was happening. Can the German defenders counter the rush of the Ox and Bucks?
Game Turns: 5
Type: Objective - Attacker must control all objectives at any time to win.

The Tournament will last 2 rounds, each lasting 10 days. Games are paired, so each matchup will be played both ways.

All you need to do is sign up, then the system will pair you with opponents and create your PBEM games. You will be notified by mail of when the tournament is starting and when it will be time to play your turns.

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