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Valor & Victory - How to play #1

Published on May 24, 2021

Valor & Victory, to be released on June 17th, is entering the last stage of beta testing, and we're now running a beta tournament. If you're in the beta and would like to help, you can sign up here.

The gameplay in Valor & Victory is as loyal as possible to the original boardgame, and each turn is divided into specific phases. This first video tutorial covers Command Phase and Fire Phase.

  • Command Phase: the game starts with the Command phase, during which you will be able to combine and split your squads and exchange weapons.
  • Fire Phase: simply select the units and then click on any enemy in line of sight to order your units to shoot. Then wait for the die roll to determine the combat outcome. The die will take into consideration your total Firepower and any potential hindrance modifier.

Check it out!

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