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The World At War, Grigsby Style

Published on January 21, 2005

Two screenshots are included with this release.  The first screenshot is the Scenario Selection screen where you begin each game.  You can select human or AI opponents and allow human or AI control of production.  Additionally you can set the difficulty from this screen and obviously one of the four scenarios.

The second screenshot is of the campaign map for Europe.  Each unit looks different for each major power.  Countries and alliances are also color coded by control.

Gary Grigsby’s World At War takes you through four World War 2 scenarios where 5 playable powers battle across 38 different countries with 15 different unit types.  Each unit type has up to 14 attributes, which you can upgrade through careful research of new technology during the war.  Rules cover everything from economic production and strategic movement to cold weather and managing supply lines in the advanced mode of the game.  With a challenging AI, PBEM capability, and an in depth tutorial, Gary Grigsby’s World at War will make you a general in a day but keep you occupied year round.

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