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The Best of Community Scenario Pack

Published on July 19, 2022

Command Modern Operations - The Best of the community scenario pack

The Best of Community Scenario Pack is a competition between all the scenarios, over 700, present in the free Command pack created by the members of the community.

Each of you can vote on the forum HERE up to 5 favorite scenarios by writing the 5 titles, you have time until September 29th

Subsequently the 5 scenarios that received the most nominations will have won and will be played by Kushan on our official Twitch Channel.



  • Write only the titles of your 5 favorite scenarios.
  • A double post or edited will cancel your vote.
  • After the end date, the 5 winning scenarios will be listed within 30 days.
  • Once the 5 victorious scenarios have been decided, we will announce the date when Kushan will be playing them on our official Twitch Channel.


Good luck to everyone who created scenarios for the community scenario pack!

(Background screenshot by Fubar)

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