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Stirring Abyss - Announced

Published on May 28, 2020

We're proud to announce our partnership with Sleepy Sentry in the development of Stirring Abyssthe second indie title to be published under the newly launched K-Project label. Stirring Abyss is a tactical squad-based game with strong RPG elements and a Lovecraftian narrative.

Taking inspiration from the short story The Temple by H.P. Lovecraft, in which a German submarine gets lost underwater during the First World War, in Stirring Abyss you follow the horrifying destiny of the members of the USS Salem’s crew, a submarine struck by disaster whilst on a top-secret research mission in the early years of the Cold War. They find themselves surrounded by the ruins of a forgotten civilization, their badly damaged vessel lying stranded at the bottom of the ocean.

Every expedition lives or dies by the strength of its crew. You have a diverse array of character traits and skills at your disposal, each opening exciting new options for both combat and story events. As you delve ever deeper, you may also subject your crew to powerful but grisly mutations; the price of survival is high, and no one escapes the abyss unchanged.

Check out the first impressions in this article by PC Gamer:

I really dig the way it embraces the aesthetic of the subject matter. The audio is thick and ominous, and the pulpy art style is a good fit: Publisher Slitherine said Stirring Abyss is meant to be weird rather than scary, "inspired by classic board games and traditional RPGs," and it definitely has that look.

Apply for the beta and join the Discord Server to support the development and to deep dive into Stirring Abyss' tentacled horror before everyone else.

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