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Shadow Empire - Update 1.09 has arrived

Published on May 03, 2021

Shadow Empire v1.09 has now arrived, bringing with it many fixes and improvements. Vic has been listening intently to your feedback and this patch brings with it many community requested rule finetunings. Additionally, the manual has been fully updated to reflect all the changes and keep you informed and on top of your game.

Customized Formation Types

You can now call your Staff Council Director to discuss customized Formation Types.

Your Staff Council now has a Customize Formation Types task. If you allocate Bureaucratic Points (BP) to it you’ll start amassing a new resource: Customization Points. These can be used to call the Director of the Staff Council and instruct him to customize an existing Formation Type.

Any regular Formation Type you have discovered and operationalized can be customized.

Customization makes it possible to organizationally deviate from the fixed Formation Types discovered and operationalized by your Staff Council. Both Individual and multi-unit Formation Types can both be customized.

Here an example of a customized Infantry Brigade with added motorcycles.

Even customized Formation Types can be further customized. This however, comes at an increasingly higher cost, as you’ll customize upon a customization.

Many Rule and Balance Fine-tunings
This v1.09 patch also implemented a dozen or more community requests and ideas which inspired Vic. Included in this patch are improvements such as: manpower rebates for raising trucks, APCs and buggies; gas-powered weapon improvements and gauss rifle improvements. These changes shallow the technology curve and make rushing for Laser weapons less of a game winning strategy.

You can check out the fine details on our forums, where a full patch notes transcript will be available.

Additionally, the manual will always contain the latest details. You can find that here.

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