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Shadow Empire - Tips and Tricks by DasTactic

Published on June 15, 2020

DasTactic has started a wonderful series about the core points of Shadow Empire. The videos produced in this series will be a precious tool for everyone willing to learn a huge variety of game mechanics. Kudos to DasTactic for this great job. 

From the playlist description:

Shadow Empire is set to be an instant ‘classic’ game. It is a 4X game with a heavy leaning toward wargaming. The game has high complexity but is an incredibly rewarding experience to play. In this series, I’ll be covering many of the important principles and concepts in the game. This is definitely a tutorial series on how to play the game. Where the content can be explained quickly the video will be split in two. A ‘Rule Of Thumb’ section will be as short as possible and just go through the suggested steps without explanation. Following that will be a much more in-depth ‘Under The Hood’ section where we get our hands dirty and take a deep dive on what is going on and explaining WHY you may want to make certain choices.


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