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Shadow Empire - Out on Steam

Published on December 03, 2020

Shadow Empire is out on Steam and it comes with a 20% week-long launch discount. Together with the Steam release, Shadow Empire receives a massive free new update introducing flying units and improved Alien Fauna.

Shadow Empire is considered by critics and players to be one of the best and most flexible 4Xs ever produced.

Check out the critics' reviews:

"Shadow Empire has something for everyone: there’s a complex combat system pulled from wargames, the strategic resource management and exploration of 4X games, and even the character development layer you’d expect to find in Crusader Kings III. It even pulls from Dwarf Fortress in its fiendishly detailed world generation process at the outset of every game."PCGamesN

"Shadow Empire is a triumph. It has been years since I played a 4X game that truly captivated me, and I had largely given up on the genre. Shadow Empire is different. It pushes the genre in directions that I did not expect it to ever be able to go." - Turn Based Lovers

"I’ve really been enjoying my time with the game, and I’m sure anyone who wants to experience a 4x game with detailed wargaming systems, engaging world generation, and deep interpersonal RPG-like interactions, should keep an eye out for Shadow Empire." - Wargamer.com

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