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Shadow Empire - Hazards & Hardships Update - v1.25 out on November 21st

Published on November 14, 2023

Welcome back everyone, 

The Hazards & Hardships - v1.25 update, the new major update for Shadow Empire, will be out on November 21st. 

The version 1.25 overhaul brings many new features as well as new rules that make the game more diverse and more challenging. Hazard Exposure Level (like on a Moon without an atmosphere) increases construction costs and makes combat super lethal due to the fact that even a small puncture in an envirosuit can cause instant death. Planet Generation now also simulates Salinity and Acidity of lakes and oceans. Battle reports have been added, which will allow you to inspect the battles fought during the other player's turn in much more detail, the Private Economy has been reworked and enriched with the Private Farmsteads and the Tech Tree has received an additional 20 Tech Fields.  These are just a few of the new features of the Hazards & Hardships update and a complete and detailed change list will be published next week. 

With these new additions, players will be able to experience Shadow Empire like never before.

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