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Rule the Waves 3 - Update v01.00.40

Published on March 20, 2024

Hello Admirals, Captains, and any newly commissioned midshipmen. We have an update today for Rule the Waves 3. Update v01.00.40 brings us several new fixes and some new QoL features that should improve player experiences. Pre-battle, players will now have access to a forecast that projects how the weather will evolve during the engagement. This is subject to error, improvements in tech will gradually make forecasts more accurate as it did historically.

The really big change with this update was classification of CA and CL to make pre-1900 designs more historically accurate. This may cause some issues with designs as you update from 1.00.37 so please keep that in mind. A full rundown of these changes is available in the changelog below. Good luck and happy hunting everyone.

This update will automatically download via steam or is available on the forums here.

  • Reversed the "CA cannot have protected cruiser armor configuration" change. Important Note: The earlier change to early CA in 1.00.37 proved to be ill considered. As some players have correctly pointed out, the main difference between pre-1900 in game CA and CL should be size, not armor configuration. Early cruisers have now been refurbished in the game and CA are now cruisers that have an armored belt or have a size over 8000 tons, others are CL. Templates and design logic have been updated accordingly. France and Russia have been given belt and sloping armor deck as bonus techs to reflect their early adoption of armored cruisers. This might cause transient issues in already started games with 1.00.37, in which case we advise continuing to play until this resolves itself or starting new game. The end result is that the treatment of pre-1900 cruisers is now much more historical and consistent.
  • Added an option to have spacebar both pause and run the game.
  • Added weather forecast to pre battle screen. Note that this is unreliable, just as the real weather forecast. It will improve with tech and time.
  • Prevented some cheesy tricks in officer assignment, for example assigning bad officers to empty divisions.
  • Added possibility to manually change aircraft type of an air unit.
  • Added save path info on main screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the default settings were not used if the preferences file was not found.
  • Fixed a bug that could set the year of ship designs to 1899 in an 1890 start.
  • Fixed a bug where a Lieutenant commander could be promoted directly to Admiral in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug with the free manual promotion per turn not resetting after the turn.
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