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Rule the Waves 3 - Update v01.00.37

Published on February 26, 2024

Hello RTW3 fans.

Beta testing on the next update is completed, and we are now live with v01.00.37. You can download this update either automatically via Steam or directly from here.

This update has several big changes that will improve gameplay and functionality. The first of these is a change of save file locations. Specifics are listed in the changelog below but the key points are that this new save system is considerably smaller and streamlined, fixing most of the issues previously found with syncing cloud saves. Upon loading an old campaign the old save file will be converted to this new format, which may take some time and lead to some errors with any old campaigns you are loading. Going forward all new save games will automatically use this new, streamlined save format.

Besides a better save file system, we have also made some significant gameplay changes at the strategic layer. Victory Point losses for declining battles distant from your home port have been greatly reduced. Home ports with at least 200 basing capacity will now also be able to rebuild ships. You can also now occasionally get the option to sell a ship to another nation when you select it for scrapping. In addition to all these changes there have also been...

Improvements to the User Interface

The creation of an import/export ship system so you can share your designs

Improvements to battle generation, with area commanders now influencing the chance of unexpected battles

With the ability to share ship files, this opens up a whole new level of collaborative ship designing. We look forward to seeing all the warships the community will be able to come up with.

The full changelog is posted below, happy hunting Admirals.


Save Games
Games are now saved to the directory "C:\USER\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Rule the Waves 3". Old saves are loaded from the old save directory and saved to the new save directory.
Refurbished the saving of design files. All designs for each nation is now saved in one file. A saved game will now consist of fewer files, and the total save game size is reduced considerably. This should mitigate problems with saving to Steam cloud. It will also mitigate problems with some ship names on some (mainly Asian) language operating systems.
Important Note: The first time an old save game is opened, loading will take considerably longer as old style design files are converted. Also note that there might be errors from inconsistencies in existing saved games. There are functions for the player to manually rectify these during the save conversion.

Strategic Level
Penalty points for declining battle is now reduced for battles far from friendly bases.
Adjusted some inconsistencies in the actions of allied nations in a multi nation war.
There is now a chance that scrapped ships can be sold to small nations (less than average economy), including to the player if the player is playing a small nation.
Adjusted submarine build times.
Ships being rebuilt will now be automatically moved to the closest home area with a rebuild yard.
There will be rebuild yards in home possessions with at least 200 base capacity. (That means US West Coast and Russian Far East will not have any initially on some starting dates, but by expanding base capacity, they will get the capability).
Increased the maximum number of ships that can be built at one time in the build ships screen to 25.
Nations at war with you will now not ask to buy a license for your aircraft.
Increased the cost of missile systems and missile maintenance.

Battle Generation
Removed some occasional quirks in force selection in battle generator, for example having a BB subordinated to a CL flagship.
Allied forces can now appear as support force.
Added ship speed and displacement to ship list in battle preview screen.
Background color now changed in battle preview screen.

Controls and Preferences
Added an option to convert some characters in German ship and officer names, for example ö becomes oe, ü becomes ue etc. This is for the benefit of users with Asian language OS which can have problems with these characters.
Added an option to see submarine sinkings in aggregate only. (Useful if you have many submarines and want to bring down the number of after turn messages)
The space key will now only pause the game. This is to prevent inadvertently restarting time when you want to pause.
The alt key will run the game one minute (or longer if auto play is switched on).

Ship Design
Added an export/import function for ship designs. The export function for ship designs is located on the graphics tab in the ship design screen. It will let you export any ship design as a file. The design can then be shared with other players or reused in a later game. Exported ship designs are located in the folder "My Games\Rule the Waves 3\Save\Ship Designs".
Moved the auto carrier conversion button to the box for flight installations.
Added a function to auto change carrier graphics to angled flight deck.
Curbed the tendency of the AI designer to overuse triple turrets on ships.
Fixed a problem with rebuilding ships transferred from other nations.
Fixed a problem with multiple classes being generated when fire control is upgraded for ships under construction.
Further adjustments to secondary gun placement on cruisers and destroyers.
Improved the autodesigner to avoid illegal triple turrets in A or Y position.
The upgrade guns button will now be available when opening an existing design that has worse gun quality than available.
Adjusted the automatic secondary gun placement on cruisers to avoid having them placed outside the hull. (It is better but not perfect)
Using auto design in the design screen will now force a different template.
Improved the British name list to produce more appropriate ship names from the 1920s.
Prevented fitting V turret on ships that couldn't have X turret.
Fixed a bug with the gun quality of the rebuilding nation not being taken into account for gun upgrades.
Fixed a bug with the autodesigner sometimes building ship with AON armor when it isn't researched.
Fixed a bug with ammunition weight calculation in the 80-85 rounds per gun interval.
Fixed a bug where a CA could have protected cruiser armour configuration.

Map Changes
Updated the Chinese coastline with shallow water.

Battle Resolution
Adjusted HE penetration and splinter damage on armored areas.
Some adjustments to the tactical AI.
Some adjustments to mission data.
Prevented avoiding battles by closing the battle preview screen.
Field batteries will now only have HE ammo.
Radar blind fire range reduced to 80% of radar sighting range.
Gyro Stabilizer will now reduce the gunnery penalty for sea state.
Improved go to base behaviour for divisions following the force flagship into friendly port.
Improved AI convoy defence decisions.
Ammunition expenditure is now spread more evenly across turrets. (Previously, A and Y turret tended to use somewhat more ammo than X and B).
Reduced SAM hit rates (they were a little too good).

One floatplane squadron of up to 12 aircraft may now be based at any airbase without counting against capacity. (This is to increase the utility of floatplanes at land bases in the early game).
Before 1930, a floatplane scout with bomb + bomb priority will have torpedo capability and can be used as strike aircraft from AV without catapults.
Reduced the rate of aircraft production and added a column for production in the aircraft types screen. (The intention is that heavy aircraft losses should hurt more).

Area commander ability now influences the chance of unexpected battles.
On auto assign of officers, rear admirals might now be auto-promoted to admirals to fill an empty slot, just like the case with empty division or ship commands.
It is now possible to manually promote the senior officer of a rank for free (no prestige cost), You can only do this once per turn.
The ROF enthusiast will now give -10% accuracy in addition to the +10% ROF (or 20% at shorter ranges).
Adjusted officer promotions and retirements to reduce the risk that a nation should have too few admirals available.
Fixed a bug with admirals not being removed from an area command when they were assigned to another.

The AI will now be better at replacing floatplanes on ships with helicopters and helipad.

User Interface
Research breakthroughs are now also shown in the turn message summary.
Made sure the commander text is visible in the ship status screen.
Obsolete ships are now clearly marked as so in ship status screen.
Officer list now remembers sorting and filter options.
On the missile control panel, renamed the Fire Salvo button to Manual fire to better describe what it does.
Added a button to exit the battle from the results screen and a button to view the map.
Added a button to go back to the results screen from the map after battle.

Added doctrine choices for AP shell design.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that prevented AI nations from taking territory from each other in AI wars.
Fixed a bug in Fleet Exercise setup where a ship removed from a division would lead to all the ships in the division being duplicated in the available ships list.
Fixed some typos in tooltips.
Fixed the height of the ship status window.
Fixed problems with some corrupted save files.
Fixed a bug with divisions with Land CAP were not saved.
Fixed some misspellings in Spanish officer ranks.
Fixed a bug with the AI rebuilding ships occasionally producing error messages.
Fixed a bug where having no fire control used more crew than intended.
Fixed a bug with occasional miscount of free shipyard capacity to build ships.
Fixed a bug with helicopters on recon sometimes going in the wrong direction.
Fixed a bug with showing ship details from the build screen.
Fixed a bug in scenario info that led to France having no convoy in one of the convoy defense missions.
Fixed a bug with background sound not changing on weather change.
Fixed a bug with magazine explosion sound playing even if sound options were set to No sound (I guess this one could have been somewhat jarring if you expected silence).
Fixed a bug where in some cases a CL with 4 in B armor was classed as a CA.
Fixed a bug where submarines could engage in gunnery duels with enemy ships in another area.
Fixed a bug with ships not having missile or torpedo reloads in battles.
Fixed a bug that could make the choice of scout force flag division ineffective in cruiser battles and other battles smaller than fleet.
Fixed a bug that could lead to an error message when a peace breaks out.
Fixed a bug with numbers of missiles not being included in the short ship description.
Fixed a bug with getting the correct name of the nation whose aircraft sinks a sub.
Fixed a bug with the number of reloads for missile launchers.

Miscellaneous minor improvements

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