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Rule the Waves 3 - Steam Awards Nomination

Published on November 22, 2023

We want you - yes YOU Admiral - to nominate us for the Best Game you Suck category for the steam awards. Since our launch back in May we have had plenty of AAR's on the forums highlighting all the challenges players face in RTW3. From 1890 to 1970 the challenges you face as a naval commander certainly evolve.

She's only a little sunk

Starting off in 1890 you have to deal with the Ironclad age. Fire control systems are as sophisticated as the human eyeball, and torpedoes have a range of about a kilometre and change. But really at this point combat is still rather simple. Your mistakes are forgiven because naval weaponry is still pretty inaccurate and small caliber. AP shells aren't that impressive yet.

That certainly changes with dreadnoughts and battleship

As we skip ahead to the 1910's and 1920's gunnery improves by leaps and bounds. Fire control systems and rangefinders are invented and quickly become very effective. The weight of broadsides massively increases as we go from two turret battleships to four turret dreadnoughts and battle-cruisers. You have to adapt your style of play for an increasingly lethal world.

We've got a need for speed

By the time the 30's and 40's come around you may have mastered the art of battleship engagements, only to run into waves upon waves of torpedo and dive bombers. Bomb loads and air ranges become improve drastically, and most nations begin constructing airbases and carriers. Your prized battle fleet is increasingly vulnerable to those magnificent men in their flying machines.

Why even bother with armor anymore?

Finally, we get to the 50's and 60's, and the whole game changes yet again. Guns are out, battleships are obsolete, because how do you armor against a supersonic missile attack? In an age of jet aircraft and guided weapons the only way to survive is to not get hit.

We hope you managed your allies correctly

You have to change your tactics, balance alliances, research the techs to fit your doctrine, and make sure you don't over invest in a boondoggle and ruin your budget for the coming fiscal year. It's ship designs and spreadsheets, a wonderful challenge for lovers of naval history, and the Best Game you Suck At.

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