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Pike and Shot: Campaigns announced!

Published on July 20, 2015

Pike and Shot: Campaigns includes 4 campaigns:

  • Gustavus Adolphus, set in the “Swedish phase” of the Thirty Years War, allows you to play as Swedes or Imperialists.
  • English Civil War allows you to play as Royalists or Parliamentarians.
  • Great Turkish War, set in the period of the famous Siege and Battle of Vienna in 1683, allows you to play as Austria and Poland or as the Ottoman Empire.
  • Pike and Shot allows you to match any two armies from 1494 to 1648 in a struggle for dominance.

 With Pike and Shot: Campaigns the infamous Iron Century with all of its military innovations is depicted at its best!

If you already own Pike and Shot and Tercio to Salvo, prepare for a great promotion. The game launches on August 13th!

Get more information about the game from the official Product Page

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