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Panzer Corps 2 - 2021 World Championship

Published on July 09, 2021

Take part in the Panzer Corps 2021 World Championship

Today we open sign-ups for what we hope will be the biggest, most important tournament for Panzer Corps ever.

Many will be familiar with the competitive scene in the Panzer Corps franchise (Panzer Corps 1 had over 10 millions multiplayer games played). Slitherine ran several tournaments so far, both for Panzer Corps and its sequel Panzer Corps 2.

This time we want to take it up a notch and start the first Panzer Corps World Championship.

It will be a very long tournament which will have participants face opponents from all over the world, for a total duration of 18 rounds. It will begin on September 1st, the day in which World War II began, and it will last until the end of May 2022. Our goal is to announce the new Panzer Corps World Champion on D-Day, 6th June 2022. 

Everyone who owns Panzer Corps 2 is eligible to join, and it is absolutely free to do so. All that players need to do is to either log in with their Slitherine account, or make a new Slitherine account (once again, entirely free) and click on Join under the World Championship icon in the Tournaments page on our website.

Thanks to Slitherine’s Tournament system, players won’t have to worry about anything: their opponents will be picked by the system (which follows Swiss Tournament rules) and paired multiplayer games will be created automatically. They can be played either live or on PBEM, all the participants will need to do is to open the game and play. They will also receive notifications by mail when a new round is starting, or when it is their turn to play.

It is now possible to leave a mark in the Panzer Corps history: who will be the first World Champion?

Sign up for the World Championship here

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