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Operation Torch Details and New Screenshots!

Published on August 11, 2015

More specifically:

·                     Three scenarios in North Africa covering the fighting from the Egyptian border to Algeria. The longest starts on the 10th November 1942 and runs to early summer 1943. Two shorter scenarios cover the German counter-attack around Kasserine Pass and the Allied final offensives to breach the Mareth Line, capture Tunis, and destroy the Axis army in Africa. Logistics and airpower are crucial elements as the Allies look to throw the Axis out of Africa.

·                     Three smaller scenarios covering different operations in  Italy and Southern France.  Smaller standalone scenarios, challenging in their own right, allow players to practice important skills needed in the Campaign games.

·                     Two Air only scenarios covering different portions of the Allied Strategic Bombing Campaign against Germany. A great way to test out your factory bombing strategies.

·                     A 1945 Campaign scenario that starts on the 16th December 1944 and runs to the end of the war in Europe. As the Western Allies, can you reach Berlin before the Soviets? As the Germans, can you execute a better Wacht am Rhein attack, or preserve your forces and hold of the Allies deep into the summer of 1945?

·                     A Hypothetical Campaign 1943-45 that postulates the saving of most of the forces lost in Tunisia as well as a rationalizing of the German aircraft and armored production.

·                     A bonus Campaign 1943-45 scenario that gives the Allied player roughly 30 additional lower level air command HQs so they can more easily organize their air forces.


You can fight the waiting of the release by taking a look at these new screenshots!

Gary Grigsby’s War in the West: Operation Torch is an expansion for War in the West and requires the base game to play.

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