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Nuclear War Simulator Featured in Scientific American

Published on January 16, 2024

Nuclear War Simulator's fallout model has been used in a scientific study commissioned by Princeton University. The Missiles on Our Land Project has utilized the NWS fallout model to track the different ways seasonal winds could effect the spread of radioactive ash and dust. This project specifically focused on modeling strikes on silo's in Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Here's a look at the interactive map using the NWS model.

An example of the fallout map made using data from Nuclear War Simulator

We are incredibly proud to see Nuclear War Simulator featured in studies like this. The ability to model a nuclear war and fallout accurately was previously only available using proprietary software. With this game commercially available, it is now possible for anyone to authentically model the devastating impact of nuclear weapons from the blast and firestorm, to the resulting fallout that could poison whole continents.

This shows the potential of games as tools to model the world, and serve as teaching tools. We are excited to see how games like this are used in the future to model scientific and social phenomenon.

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