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Master of Magic is out now

Published on December 13, 2022

Imagine yourself looking into an arcane mirror and finding the other side calling out to you, promising great power and knowledge. You step through…

Imagine you see before you a realm where all the mirrors connect, where the very essence of Magic resides. The twin worlds of Arcanus and Myrror, ripe for the taking…

Whatever power and status you might have had before, here you must start anew. You will need to re-learn your magic and prove your worth to your new subjects.

Imagine leading your new subjects to conquest, carving a mighty empire, one that can fuel your thirst for knowledge and power.

In time, you would meet other Wizards, each rising from equally humble beginnings, each striving for the same prize - the ultimate power promised by the whispers from the mirror.

 They will be your rivals. You might ally with them, for a time… but war is inevitable. Crush their armies, conquer their cities and take their spellbooks.

 For, In the end, there can be only one Master of Magic…

Master of Magic is out now. Are you ready to become the most powerful wizard?

Master of Magic is developed in partnership between Slitherine and MuHa Games. It is the reimagining of the timeless classic released in the 90s: the original Master of Magic can be considered a milestone in the fantasy strategy genre, inspiring a whole range of titles. The new Master of Magic stays faithful to the original, with updated game experience and in-depth content.

Fight and conquer the two parallel dimensional planes of Arcanus and Myrror, forge alliances, expand your dominion or dominate the world, every spell counts on the way to rule the world.

Lead 14 fantastic armies of otherworldly creatures, from orcs to elves and draconians for a total of more than 200 unique types units. Use powerful spells based on a complex system of 5 schools of magic and 18 customizable wizard traits.

Research over 200 spells, use over 60 special abilities and 250 unique items, to become the Master of Magic.

Master of Magic is available here, and don't miss our bundle complete edition here

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