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Legacy of the Weirdboy - Here comes... Big Redd!

Published on May 22, 2017


When brought to battle, however, their immense psychic power can be exploited and unleashed on the enemy troops, hopefully without dying in the process. The moment a weirdboy enters the warzone, all sort of strange things start to happen: lightning is vomited onto enemies, heads pop like balloons, soldiers turn into feral creatures and giant ethereal fists appear coming down from the sky to pulverize even the mightiest tanks.

Among these lunatics, Big Redd da Warphead is the craziest, the most unpredictable, and the most dangerous. His boyz fear and respect him, and he is about to unleash a mighty strike at the heart of Alaric Prime. His mission? Destroying Isle of Dominus and breaking its defenses, threatening the fall of the entire Sanctus Reach sector.

Prepare to lead into battle one of Grukk Facerippa's most ferocious commanders. In combat he’s absolutely ruthless: stronger, bigger and taller than an average weirdboy, woe to whoever crosses his path!


He can use his warp energy to provide some cover to his boyz as they advance, and even enhance their melee attacks! He can spew warp flames which deal massive morale damage. His Killbolt is lethal and causes high armour reduction and damage while his Power Blast deals a huge AoE damage. Last but not least, his boyz would follow him anywhere (as long as he provides them with good occasions to fight and destroy, something he never fails to do): he has the Rally ability.

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