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ICBM Research Tree - Submarines

Published on November 13, 2020

Sometimes a more indirect approach is required to succeed and nuking your enemies from unexpected quarters with submarines could be the answer. Basic submarines are available from the beginning of the match and if they play an important role in the strategy you have in mind, you will want them to remain cutting edge. This is where technology upgrades can give you a decisive advantage.

Unlock SSBNs
Regular submarines can only use torpedoes and conventional cruise missiles. The game also allows you to unlock the Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN) and Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM) as well.

SSBN: Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines have the unique ability to be underwater for up to 6 months at a time. Modern naval doctrines have quickly requalified submarines as underwater missile carriers, instead of their classic status of radar and special operations ships. Nuclear submarines cruise at a specific depth, are always ready for battle and remain effectively nigh-unreachable by anti-naval weaponry.

SLBM: Equipped with a single 500 kiloton TNT equivalent nuclear warhead or 3 splitting 500 kilotons warheads with MIRV technology, these ballistic missiles can do serious damage to an enemy.

To unlock SSBN and SLBM’s you must first finish researching MRBM’s, as they are required technology for any more advanced missile.

Do not attack early
As the SSBN is not that difficult a technology to research, it may be tempting to start building them early. That can be extremely expensive when nuclear warhead production efficiency is low early on in the game because each SSBN stocks 12 SLBMs with nuclear warheads. It’s better to wait with mass production of SSBNs until they become cheap to build.

MIRV technology instantly upgrades all SLBM’s giving them three warheads instead of one and also a longer range which makes SSBN’s really deadly. So, use SSBN’s without MIRVs only when you have no other choice.

Go stealthy with silent engines

  • Silent engines: To successfully maneuver in a zone with potential sonar equipment operating in it, assistant hydro-blasting engines are installed on strike submarines. However, the downside to this technology is that submarines will maintain a low speed and a limited operational range. This is not practical during engagements and operations.

    In game, this technology decreases the range of enemy sonar equipment and increases the range of torpedoes.
  • Improved silent engines: The development of noise cancelling structures with individualized thickness led to the creation of special granules made from noise cancelling materials. These are then added to the submarine's shell. In the testing of this technology, noise was successfully decreased by almost 100 times without any loss in cruising speed. The main limitations of these coverings are the extensive R&D requirement, increased production complexity and a large installation cost.

    In game, this technology further decreases the range of enemy sonar equipment and also increases a submarine's speed. It also further increases the range of torpedoes.
  • Advanced silent engines: When moving underwater at high speeds there's a certain danger for submarines: The cavitation effect. This effect can make the submarine visible, especially for submarines whose propeller's rotational speeds can reach 200 RPM or greater. But even when using low RPM propellers, you cannot get full protection from detection due to air caverns. This issue was only solved after many years by using high-tech material propellers with minimal launching.

    In game, this technology further decreases the range of enemy sonar equipment and further increases a submarine's speed. It additionally further increases the range of torpedoes as well.

Avoid enemy Destroyers!
Submarines are deadly to carriers and cruisers, but destroyers are equipped with all means to detect and destroy any submarine. Therefore, it is wise to avoid attacking destroyers with submarines until you are well advanced in the Silent Engines technology branch.

While the submarine has a longer sonar range than a standard destroyer, it is slower and has less firepower. In a direct confrontation the chances of a victory are low. With Silent Engines improving a submarine's torpedo range, however, it becomes possible to attack enemy surface ships including destroyers while remaining undetected.

ICBM will be launching on the 17th of November. We are very excited for the launch and hope you are too. In the meantime, why not consider joining the Discord server to chat with the developer or you could also check out the product page.

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