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Gary Grigsbys Operation Torch Tournament

Published on December 01, 2015


To apply you have only to reply to the forum thread here


Please read through the rules below:

1.       We are accepting a maximum of 16 players for this tournament.  You may sign up for the tournament through the forum.  Applications will be accepted in the order received.

2.      There will be three rounds total, the initial round, a semi-final round for the top 4 players, and a final round for the winners of the semi-finals.

3.      The tournament scenario will be played twice in each round, once per side against the same opponent (thus 2 games in each round). These games should be played simultaneously.

4.      The scenario to be played is Rommel Attacks 43 (5 turns) using the PBEM++ (server) system.  Upload and Download ratios will be monitored to ensure fair games.

5.      Unless arranged with your opponent and the tournament staff beforehand, Players must complete their turns within 48 hours of the time that their opponent completed their last turn or they forfeit.  If your opponent forfeits, you will receive the minimum “Minor Victory” level for the scenario in terms of your victory point ratio.

6.      Players must provide their user login names so tournament officials can check final scores on the server.

7.      Players are welcome to post AARs of any of their games on the Matrix forum.

8.      Prizes to be awarded:

1st place: $ 100 Matrix Games Store voucher

2nd place: $ 50 Matrix Games Store voucher

Two runners up: $ 25 Matrix Games Store voucher


The First Round (16 Players)

1.      The first round games will begin no later than December 14, 2015, and must be completed by January 4, 2016

2.      Each player will be matched randomly with an opponent for the first round

3.      The top 4 players from the first round will be determined by comparing the total number of points scored during both games as a ratio of friendly points to enemy points. The players with the 4 highest ratios will advance to the semi-final.


The Semi-Final Round (4 Players)

1.       The player with the highest ratio from the First Round will play the player with the 4th highest ratio, with the 2nd and 3rd highest players playing each other.

2.      The semi-final round will begin by January 6, 2016 and must be completed no later than January 26, 2016.


The Championship Round (2 Players)

1.      The winners of the 2 semi-final matches will face each other in a final round match that will begin by January  29, 2016 and be completed by February 12, 2016.

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