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Gary Grigsby’s Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich - Update v1.06.57

Published on August 17, 2022

Hello everyone,

today we are glad to announce a new update for the game, here is the changelog:

Changes & Fixes:
• Fixed a few more situations where shuttle missions were still not working as intended. Escorts will now follow shuttle bombers if they have enough fuel, otherwise they go back to home base. Stragglers will return to home base or the shuttle base, whichever is closer. Detached groups will not receive new pilots or planes, and their parent groups will only receive replacement planes and pilots very slowly.
• Fixed an issue where the ability for a night raid to stay on course was not considering experience and fatigue, which was causing more night raids to “plow up the fields” instead of hitting their targets.
• Softened that infernal “click” sound when selecting radio buttons.
• Aircraft will now always attempt to climb above balloons to minimize accidental strikes against balloon cables.
• More fixes to “Auto Plan Raids” functionality. There is a method to setting up autoraids; mainly, any fighters you order to sweep will not be available for escort duty so try planning your bombing raids first because the AI only builds bombing raids that can be effectively escorted.
• More minor tweaks to Attacker AI in BoB and BtR.
• Fixed a bug where the AI was selecting non-existent targets for a secondary target.
• Defender groups now display “time to ready” when selected at airbase.
• “Delay” time is now displayed dynamically when adding escorts to raids while setting delay location by the map.
• Reconfigured some unnecessary routines to speed up play a little.
• Defender units Group Display now shows takeoff delay for group.
• Weapons Display will show more information about nightfighter radar and jamming systems.
• Nightfighters won’t lose their systems upgrades when swapping cannons. And replacements enter the game with current technology.

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