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Gary Grigsby’s World at War Patch v1.033 Released!

Published on May 20, 2005

The new update focuses on adjusting balance, specifically to make play more challenging, realistic and fair to all nations in the endgame.  Additionally, several fixes were made to minor bug issues, such as heavy bombers using the wrong attack value and Carriers defending further than their speed would allow.  The rule changes cover the majority of the patch and include many changes to Op Fire, Technologies, and Liberation of Allies.  The User Interface also received some attention, making it easier to scroll around the map and allowing you to auto-assign all available remaining resources to produce supplies.  Overall 52 changes were made to the game and the full version history is included in the patch, which is available from the Matrix Games website.

Gary Grigsby’s World at War takes place in the Second World War and places you at the helm of one of five possible powers: The Western Allies, China, Russia, Germany, or Japan.  Command your army and coordinate your attacks.  Gain supplies, resources, and factories to fuel your war machine.  Manage your supply lines to ensure you have enough to capture territories and press your attacks.  Gary Grigsby’s World at War has been hailed as an elegant and accessible game design with adjustable realism and detail; where the difficulty and realism can be tailored to your specific level. Your opponents can range from a challenging computer AI to up to four other human players.

The v1.033 update and more information about Gary Grigsby’s World at War is available from the Matrix Games games area at www.matrixgames.com/games.

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