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Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm Tutorial Series Episode 4

Published on January 29, 2024

Hello Colonels and Polkovniks.

Today we have just uploaded episode four of the Flashpoint Campaigns Tutorial Series.

This episode is all about artillery, likely the most destructive tool you will have in your arsenal. Artillery lets you create opportunities to maneuver with suppressing and destructive fire missions. As a tool in your arsenal it's more important even than armor. By targeting enemy AT units with barrages and laying thick smokescreens, you can completely negate the enemies capability to resist an attack from range. Your batteries embody a significant portion of your combat power, and deserve as much attention as the rest of your maneuver units.

We will be organizing a livestream in the near-future to cover the contents of this episode with developers Cap'n Darwin and SgtZdog from On-Target Simulations. Keep an eye on our twitch calendar for all the latest news and updates

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