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Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm - Tutorial Series Episode 1

Published on September 26, 2023

Hello Colonels and Polkovniks! In case you missed our first stream, we are doing a new tutorial video and livestream series for Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm.

On the hyperlethal mechanized battlefield of the 1980's any mistake a Commander makes is swiftly punished. This new tutorial video series will focus on how to employ the weapons and troops of the Cold War to their best effect. We will be releasing companion livestreams  with the devs along with this video series to properly explore the depths of combat in Flashpoint Campaigns. Our first episode was on Scouting and Reconaissance, but we will be tackling other topics like Infantry and Tanks in follow-up episodes. Check out the livestream below.

With many service veterans on the team, we really took a deep dive into Cold War mechanized tactics. We also covered the lessons and doctrine that were actually taught in the 1980's as components of AirLand battle.

We look forward to releasing more of these tutorial vids and streams over the next few months as Central Storm approaches

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