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Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm - Thanksgiving Update

Published on November 28, 2023

The Thanksgiving Update for Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is now live!

We have four entirely new scenarios, two Canadian and two French. Although we have it on good authority the French don't celebrate thanksgiving and the Canadians had theirs over a month ago, we figured they deserved some more attention. If you want a complete list of changes, features, and bugfixes, along with some useful tactics straight from the devs, check out the PDF linked below.

Whats new in the Thanksgiving Update?

To summarize the key points of the update, significant improvements to the SOP manager have been made. You will now be able to do the following.

  • Create and apply SOP's according to the formations unit type.

This feature will allow you to apply an SOP to every unit of IFV's, Tanks, Headquarters units etc. This will save you time apllying a custom SOP to a large force like a NATO Brigade with a large number of units.

  • Quickly adjust the SOP of a group of units.

If you discover you made a mistake in your SOP, or want to quickly change your posture as circumstances change, this tab will allow you to quickly modify your unit's SOP.

  • Apply several pre-made SOP types to your formations if you won't want to create a custom procedures.

Additionally, we have made several pre-set SOP's designed for specific roles you are likely to use your units in, such as ambushing and screening.

There are also new animations for shooting with different types of weapon systems. We posted a few here but there are several more included in the game itself and in the PDF linked at the start.

  • ATGM's from both vehicles and infantry launchers

  • Cannons and Machine Guns

In addition, we have included numerous major bugfixes including fixing the pathing issues where formation had a bad tendency to prefer swimming, rather than taking existing bridges. We also have fixed the bug where infantry would be killed if their parent transport was destroyed while they were dismounted.

We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to showing off some cool new features next year.

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