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Field of Glory: Empires Triumph Update is out

Published on September 26, 2019

Field of Glory: Empires “Triumph” Update is out. Version 1.04 brings tons and tons of improvements and additions, the most important (as previewed last week) are:

  • Military Buildings overhaul (see the dedicated paragraph)
  • Cavalry overhaul: in some terrains part of the battlefield is for cavalry only
  • An army with a leader can attack with a 'Retaliate Expedition' order that will make them not conquer the region (and still fight the enemy)

But other game features have been looked into, such as an Administrative Burden increased for developed nations has been added, now there is a naval interdiction link in Mesembria, Imperial Roman Legion decision won't be given before being an Empire, and many more.

Check out the full changelog here


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