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Field of Glory: Empires Multiplayer AAR

Published on July 02, 2019

One of the most interesting feature of Field of Glory: Empires is its large asynchronous multiplayer system. Because everyone knows that fighting on your own is fun, but competing for total domination with your friends is much better!

Beta tester  SteveLohr is currently doing a super interesting Multiplayer AAR (After Action Report) and he is trying to unify the Italian Peninsula playing with the Roman faction.


His five other human opponents are: 


ajarnlance - Antigonos

jimwinger - Arverni

Loki100 - Carthage

Typhoon - Lysimakos

ToussaintLouverture - Ptolemaios


This is an incredible job! Kudos to everyone involved in it!


Field of Glory: Empires will be released on July 11th!


The Mediterranean 310 BC 




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