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Field of Glory: Empires Challenge #3 - Antigonos at War

Published on June 03, 2019

For this Challenge, you’ll have to show your best tactical skills, as Challenge #3 is totally devoted to let you experience the integration between the strategic layer of Empires with the tactical layer of Field of Glory II.

Playing with Antigonos you’ll have to prove to your adversaries you are the most skilled among the Diadochi and show the world that the Alexander the Great Legacy is not dead with him!

Challenge #3As Antigonos, defeat at least once the three Diadochi that stands between you and your just claim of Alexander the Great empire. To do so, you'll need to win in a battle against Macedonia, Seleukos and Ptolemeos at least once each. Each battle must have at least 20 enemy units and be done using Field of Glory II to qualify. Each time you win, you'll be notified with a message. You have 50 turns to achieve this feat of martial skills.

Nation Available: Antigonos

Turns: 50

Map: All playable

Mechanics and features: All active

Who can join?

Influencers and media members. The participation is mainly by invitation, but if you think you qualify to compete, write to us at challenge@slitherine.co.uk, with your name/nickname and your channel/media.


Time and validity

10 days from the announcement.

In the 10 days of validity, we will gather the videos or the screenshots proving the completion of the challenge and will assign the scores. After all the Challenges have been played, we will declare the final winner by calculating the cumulative points gained in all the episodes.

If you have doubts about the Battle System and the Integration with FOG2, please refers to Dev Diary #9 (Battle System) and Dev Diary #9-Addendum (Playing Empires Battles in FOG2)

 Check all the Dev Diaries here

Are you eager to see the Challenge in action? Then don't miss DasTactic on Thursday6th  attempting it on our official Twitch Channel at 6 pm BST / 1 pm EDT / 10 am PDT

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