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Field of Glory 2 - Army List Showcase: The Franks

Published on October 25, 2019

Field of Glory 2 has been always praised for its historical realism and tactical accuracy. One of the features that enabled it to achieve such as an impressive result, is the high choice of Army Lists. From 681 BC to 1040 AD you have more than 200 Army Lists to choose and to test your skills.

One of the most intriguing Army List, introduced with the latest DLC Wolves at the Gate, are the Franks.

Especially the Frankish Army List from 851 to 887 AD has a nice mix of cavalry and dismounted lancers, makes this Army List very flexible and ready to face the majority of enemy armies, being capable of delivering fast offensive blows and to switch to defensive tactics very easily.

In 751 Pepin the Short was crowned King of the Franks, the first king of the Carolingian dynasty. In 759 he drove the Arabs out of southern France and annexed Aquitaine. In 768 he died, and was succeeded by his sons Charles (Charlemagne) and Carloman.

Carloman died suddenly in 771, leaving Charlemagne as sole king.

During his reign, which lasted 46 years, he conquered the Lombard kingdom in northern Italy (774), Saxony (777-797), Bavaria and Carinthia (788). In 778 he conquered a strip of northern Spain, but failed to conquer the rest of the Iberian peninsula from the Muslims. Beyond the eastern frontiers of his Empire, he forced the Avars and various Slavic peoples to accept vassal status. In 800 he was crowned “Emperor of the Romans” by Pope Leo III.

By his death in 814, Charlemagne's empire, with its capital at Aachen in the Rhineland, encompassed modern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and northern Italy. Charlemagne was succeeded as Emperor by his son Louis the Pious.

What about you? What’s your favorite Army List?

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