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Distant Words 2: Game Faction Update is out now

Published on April 09, 2024

This update includes a refresh of the Human and Mortalen factions as well as many other changes, including improved border graphics and a new visualization for Fleet Engagement ranges. Future updates will cover the remaining base game factions until all are refreshed.


This update includes a refresh of the Human and Mortalen base game factions as well as all the base game government types. A summary of changes is below, but for the full information, please read through the in-game faction and government descriptions carefully. There are also new event illustrations and loading screens to go along with these changes.


We added additional Fleet Engagement ranges and a new map overlay for engagement range visualization to help you plan your fleet home bases, engagement ranges and targets.


We recommend only using x8 speed sparingly, as it can be too easy to miss important notifications otherwise.

- added new x8 and x1/8 game speed controls.

For those eager to delve into the nitty-gritty details of the changes, a detailed changelog is available here, detailing everything from major enhancements to minor bug fixes. Here you can download the standalone files. 

Don't miss DasTactic's stream playing the Game Faction Update on our Twitch channel at 8:00 PM UK time

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