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Command: Modern Operations Update v1.06.1328.18

Published on April 12, 2024

Good news for you Command fans, we have an update out today. Your Steam version of the game will automatically update, or you can download the update directly here.

v1.06.1328.18 is mainly focused on bugfixes and tweaks, no new major features have been added. There has however been a significant change to the radar model.

Until now, radars with an air-search capability and those with space-search (ie. ASAT & ABM) capability were separated in their target detection capacity by altitude and target type; ie. air-search radars could detect aerodynamic targets within the atmosphere, whereas space-search radars could detect BMs and RVs outside the atmosphere. While broadly accurate, this abstraction left a lot of unrealistic cases: For example a fighter radar could detect an RV in its terminal phase, or endoatmospheric guided weapons such as hypersonic missiles where not detected by BMD radars.

In real life, radars use velocity filters (in addition to altitude ceilings) to specialize in their search task and minimize false contacts etc. Command now correctly replicates this behavior, with some assumptions for the minimum and maximum velocity values:

Air-only search radars may detect any target from 0 knots (hover) up to Mach 5.

Space-only search radars (ie. BMD/ASAT) can detect any target from Mach 2 up to "unlimited" velocity.

Combined air & space-search capable radars use the full velocity spectrum.

This addition allows more realistic representation of the capabilities and limitations of each type of radar, against the full gamut of endo- and exo-atmospheric targets.

You can read the whole changelog here.

Enjoy the update, and good hunting everyone.

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