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Command: Modern Operations - "Operation Desert Falcon" Beta Sign-Up

Published on August 07, 2023

We are glad to announce that sign ups for Command’s next Beta, for the upcoming Showcase DLC - Operation Desert Falcon are now open.

Please sign up here and don’t miss this opportunity to get a first glimpse of what’s next for Command.

As a member of the closed beta team, you will be granted early access to the scenarios development, giving you an opportunity to get your hands on the scenario and Command the battlefield earlier than anyone else. We look forward to receiving your feedback, insights and suggestions - to help test and shape the scenario for it’s release. 

Operation Desert Falcon, is designed to Showcase some of the newest features and gameplay Command has to offer. While you may be able to complete the scenario without them, you should do so at your own risk!!
Navigate your way through an emerging crisis. Utilizing the Multi Domain Strike planner, Ops Planner, Cargo 2.0 and palletized munitions, you will have to manage multiple air to air refuellings, synchronized multi domain strikes, as well as the logistics involved in evacuating civilians out of harms way in a constantly evolving scenario.


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