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Command: Modern Operations Developers Interview – Preview Part I

Published on September 20, 2019

Hi everybody,

The recent announcement of Command: Modern Operations, the direct sequel of one of the most realistic and complex military simulator available for commercial audience – Command: Modern / Air Naval Operations – has been received with praise and joyful surprise. But it raised of course a number of questions about the product and its features.

We had the chance to chat a bit with Dimitris Dranidis from WarfareSims about it.

To tease you a bit, we are going to post it into three separate sections, each one them linked by a “theme”. But not so fast. We are going to anticipate the questions for each theme before publishing the answers, so to give you all the time to “digest” all the details about this exciting sequel.

The three parts are titled:

- Old and New Tools,

- Full Spectrum Operations,

- Information Management and Future Plans.

The first section to be answered will be “Old and New Tools”. Curious to see which topics will be covered? Go to www.matrixgames.com/cmano_interview

Tune on Monday 23rd to discover the answers and to see Part II Questions about “Full Spectrum Operations”

Here a little "visual" anticipation of the upcoming answers.

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