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Combat Mission: Cold War public Beta tournament

Published on June 23, 2022

Matrix Games and Battlefront are pleased to announce the first Combat Mission: Cold War public Beta tournament is now open.

Anyone who has Combat Mission: Cold War can enter.

You can join the tournament from within the game:

  • Go to > SAVED GAMES & PBEM > Join Automatic PBEM++ & Tournaments > Sign in > Select Beta Tournament and click [JOIN]

The first round will commence on 4th July 2022 9:00am GMT.

Missions Description:

  • 17 July 1982. Soviet armored elements lead the exploitation of their unit's breakthrough. US CAV units seek to interdict them
  • US Rangers try to take a bridge away from Soviet Recon

Players will need to average 1.5 turns a day to complete each Round in the allowed time. This is faster than normal as it is a Beta test tournament.

Password protection is built into the PBEM files but this feature isn't needed for tournaments so we advise you to leave all password fields blank.

There will be 2 Rounds with 10 days for each round:

  • First round’s goal is capturing a bridge
  • Second round is evacuation through a small village.


The update for the Tournament on steam is already available or you can download it here

Are you ready for the battle?
You have time to join till 4th July 2022 9:00am GMT.

Stay tuned on our Discord Server or our Forum

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