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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Dev Diary - the Armory Update

Published on September 18, 2017


Hello, nuggets! Here’s a brief overview of some upcoming changes to Battlestar Galactica Deadlock in the Armory Update.


There are two main updates incoming for capital ship armour.
Firstly, we’ve heard the community loud and clear, and have made adjustments to the armour sector calculations. Commanders will soon be able to see damage more evenly distributed to the left, right, top and bottom sectors.
Secondly, we are including visualisation of the armor sectors. You can hover over an armour value in the Ship Info panel, and the sector will be highlighted on the ship model. No more guessing where the front ends and the top begins on your Artemis!




Renaming Officers
Officers will be renamable in the single player campaign. A quick visit to Fleet Academy will allow you to select an officer, click on the pencil icon, and let them start their new life with a newly customised name.
Cylon AI Logic
We’ve received a number of reports of Raider squadrons ignoring their Colonial counterparts on the battlefield, and instead doggedly pursuing capital ships without engaging the juicy Viper
targets around them.
We are upgrading the Cylon squadron AI, so that they will more regularly get aggro’d and engage in dogfights with opposing squadrons.
Multiplayer Operational Zone
Unfortunately, we have already uncovered toasters hiding amongst our household appliances who were sabotaging multiplayer matches with unsporting behaviour.
To combat this, we are implementing an Operational Zone in multiplayer to keep both fleets within a reasonable distance of each other. You will see the designated zone if any units stray
too close to the border.
Units breaching the zone border will have their movement penalised. If a unit strays too far outside of the operational zone, their subsystems will be shut down completely!
So say we all!
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