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Armored Brigade - New Stacking Limit Beta

Published on September 04, 2019

Hi everybody!

We have some news from the front!

Armored Brigade developers are restless! After having released their first DLC featuring the armies of Italy and Yugoslavia and after adding the Mission Editor, another important achievement is going to be reached!

The stacking limit has always been something both developers and the community wanted to improve. That moment has come. 

Version v1.36 Beta available through the Member’s Area features the stacking limit brought to 3 units per square! Anyone who has registered the game can get it and try its full potential!

The new stacking limit is a major change for the game. It has been discussed by the community and the developers for a while now, but it posed some technical challenges, and we had to make sure the change would not compromise the simulation, or the AI's capabilities. After adopting the game code to handle it, we have found that 3 units per square work best.

Thanks to this change, the game now flows even more naturally, and unit pathfinding has been greatly improved. The AI has been adjusted to be aware and utilise the new stacking limit, so players should also see improvements in its behavior.

Grab it and leave feedback in the forum!

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