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Armored Brigade 1.002

Published on December 12, 2018
1.002 Changelog 
- Fix: Missing Polish Mi-2 winter sprites. 
- Fix: Missing moving desert sprite for 8th men for Saracen Mech squad and Infantry squad. 
- Fix: Transparency on winter turret for GDR T-72 and on desert hull sprite for MTLB. 
- [ui] Implemented the 'battle positions and target reference points on/off' option. 
- [ui] Implemented the 'window edge map scroll on/off' option. 
- [database] Adjusted the T-64 reverse speeds. 
- [maps] Removed trees from streams and roads in forest. 
- [scenarios] Adjusted the 'Rear Guard', 'Midnight Surprise' and 'Who Will Stop the Rain' scenarios. 
- [gameguide] Updated the gameguide content. 
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