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Grand Tournament

This Tournament features 3 rounds with 3 different scenarios.

Round 1 - Valley of Ashes – US vs Soviet meeting engagement at dawn.

Round 2 - Recover and Attack – M1 tank recovery. US attack.

Round 3 - Civil War Within – 1080 - There has been a underground movement in Ukraine to break away from the Soviet Union, but its out in the open now, and it has lead to war. 

Player Username
Slitherine A Canadian Cat
Slitherine alflynn
Slitherine AndrewKulin
Slitherine Artkin
Slitherine Asterix_von_TWC
Slitherine astrokitty
Slitherine Aulette
Slitherine AymanAli
Slitherine Bear1989
Slitherine BenbN
Slitherine BenbNb
Slitherine BennySouthSt
Slitherine Bigshout
Slitherine Bluto5
Slitherine bsmithwins
Slitherine cargol
Slitherine cristianwj
Slitherine DALBY
Slitherine dawg327
Slitherine Dawntaker
Slitherine DeiniolSpangle
Slitherine der_butschi
Slitherine DirtyMark
Slitherine drewshotsfan
Slitherine ElvisCos
Slitherine eniced73
Slitherine Erik96
Slitherine Flightcaptain
Slitherine gazzelle11
Slitherine gkersh
Slitherine grab
Slitherine grimtechnique
Slitherine Heckkler
Slitherine Jackal2100
Slitherine KenSG
Slitherine Kpdean702
Slitherine larizona55
Slitherine lawran
Slitherine LFXcess
Slitherine liolion992
Slitherine longbow501
Slitherine Meroka37
Slitherine MHerm
Slitherine pbem_ratdeath
Slitherine Propatriamori
Slitherine pugstorm
Slitherine pulemetmaxim
Slitherine RabidTucan
Slitherine RooksAndKingz
Slitherine SaberJP
Slitherine shesclueless
Slitherine Shilod
Slitherine sohzaz
Slitherine Strider13
Slitherine Suzuya
Slitherine syleril
Slitherine tank330
Slitherine Trsnaqe
Slitherine Tyrandar
Slitherine ussarz
Slitherine Vampiro
Slitherine WhiteRhino88
Slitherine Yuiri