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Leaderboard FAQ

What is this?
This is the leaderboard of the top rated players of the Ranked 1v1 multiplayer games of Empires Apart. It is live data and refreshes every time someone plays a game.

What does Rating mean?
Rating is your match making rating. It is based on a system that ranks you based on your performance over time. It goes up when you win games and down when you lose. Winning games against better players will increase the rating more whilst losing games against them will decrease it less. And vice versa for lower ranked opponents.

How else is Rating used?
Your in-game Division (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion) is based on your Rating. You are more likely to be auto-matched against players that have a similar Rating. Only Ranked matches count towards this system. Unranked matches have no effect on your ranking.

Why can I not see myself on the Leaderboard?
To appear on the leaderboard, you must play at least 5 Ranked 1v1 games. After these 5 matches, you will get your first Rating score and appear on the leaderboard. If you want to be able to find yourself easily on the leaderboard you should also:

Have a Slitherine account. You can register for free here
You must link your Slitherine account to your Steam account so we can pull the correct data from the Steam servers. You can link your account here
This will make it possible for the system to automatically show you your position and the player around you.

What info is used?
We only use your publicly available Steam data such as your Display Name and Avatar icon.

How can I report an issue?
Please email support@slitherine.co.uk