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Wargaming Expert

Posted: Jun 27, 2022

In support of our client, the USMC, we are seeking to recruit two wargaming experts to help train USMC personnel on the use of wargames and wargaming. This is a full time on base position. This role sould suit a graduate or person seeking their first job - no experience required. 

These specialists in wargaming and virtual simulation will provide support to the Marine Corps University Wargaming Director to institutionalize wargaming as an educational vehicle. This includes the use of existing MCU wargames such as Command Professional Edition (Command PE), The Operational Art of War 4, and Flashpoint Campaigns.

Conduct tutorial sessions to teach faculty and students how to use these and other games to maximize decision making while linking them to the curriculum to each particular course.

Develop scenarios in existing computer wargames such as Command PE, Flashpoint Campaigns, WarPlan, The Operational Art of War 4, Field of Glory 2, Order of Battle World War 2, Strategic Command and other contemporary computer wargames to support curriculum and Marine Corps University Fight Club requirements.

Coordinate and run Marine Corps University Fight Club tournaments and events using computer wargames operating either on gaming laptops or in Marine Corps University’s Wargaming Cloud.

Integrate technologies such as Virtual Reality headsets (provided by the government) into Fight Club and other wargaming activities.

Job Requirements (minimum): Knowledge and familiarity with commercial computer-based games as well as knowledge of military tactics and operations to enhance learning through decision-making exercises and games.

Must be proactive and able to work independently, with a team, and with other organizations. Familiarity with virtual simulation and wargames such as (but not limited to) Command Professional Edition, Flashpoint Campaigns, Strategic Command, WarPlan, The Operational Art of War 4, WarnO, and Red Dragon. Able to travel CONUS and OCONUS.

Ideal Candidate: The following qualifications describe the ideal candidate for this position: self-motivated, technology savvy individual with a high work ethic and moral character who has mastery of various contemporary computer wargames and possesses the confidence and communication skills to conduct tutorials, develop scenarios, and run tournament events. At least a basic knowledge of joint warfighting tactics and capabilities is essential. This position would suit a young graduate or someone seeking their first position. No professional experience required. 

Salary: Negotiable, based on qualifications and experience ~$50k+

Location: USMC HQ, Quantico, Virginia.

Security: No security clearance is required. US citizen preferred but not a requirement.  

Please submit your CV and covering letter using the Apply link below


Expires: Jul 14, 2022