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DLC Panzer Corps 2 General Edition Upgrade

Get access to exclusive materials by upgrading your Panzer Corps 2 copy to the General Edition.

Base Games, one is required to play the DLC

Title Date
Panzer Corps 2 General Edition Upgrade Dec 10, 2020

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English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Chinese, Polish
World War II

IMPORTANT: if you already own the General or Field Marshal Edition of Panzer Corps 2 you don't need to buy the General Edition Upgrade.


Get access to exclusive materials by upgrading your Panzer Corps 2 copy to the General Edition.

General Edition exclusive bonus materials

- New Camo skins: New 75 exclusive skins are available for your vehicles. In Panzer Corps 2 you can customize the appearance of your units, and with the General Edition you have access to special skins which aren’t accessible in the base game.

- New Bonus scenarios: 4 brand new scenarios in which you can test your mettle against the AI. Face new, original situations and adapt your tactics to overcome your opponents. 

- Digital printable Campaign tree chart: A beautiful hi-res printable artwork depicting the branching single player Wehrmacht campaign in Panzer Corps 2, and which choices you can take.

- Digital Wallpapers: 4 Hi-res desktop sized digital wallpapers depicting new Panzer Corps inspired artwork.

- Digital Soundtrack: 16 beautiful tracks composed by the talented Bill Meyers, Dan Bewick and Alexander Shargin, inspired by classic movies on World War II. Available for download as high quality .mp3 files.

Bundle the game is in