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For Liberty!

Hussar Games' "For Liberty!" is a turn based strategy game covering the American Revolutionary War from 1775 - 1783 and the Hungarian Rakoczi Independence War from 1703 to 1711.
Title Date
[PC] Update v1.82 Feb 20, 2009
[PC] Installer v1.81 Nov 17, 2006
[PC] Installer v1.0 (1848) (Free) Dec 22, 2006

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Hussar Games
Nov 08, 2006
Age of Muskets
Turn-Based IGOUGO
Traditional PBEM
PDF E-Book, Printed - Black & White

For Liberty! is a turn based game both on the strategic and tactical level, covering the American Revolutionary War from 1775 - 1783 and the Hungarian Rakoczi Independence War - the eastern theater of the War of Spanish Succession from 1703 to 1711.

For Liberty! will make you truly understand how long and hard warfare was in the 18th century.

You can command as many or as few of your forces as you want. Commands for troops range include attack, recon, retreat, train, rest, pillage, siege enemy forts, fortify important locations. You are responsible for paying and supplying your troops as well.  Political decisions and foreign aid are simulated by an influence system that you can use to change the strategic situation.

Use your influence to recruit temporary militia, insurgent regiments, or Indian (Native American) warriors that can augment your force.  The fleet can be used to transport your troops to hard to reach locations where you can surprise the enemy. You can support your operations with the cannons of your fleets. There are 16 unit types of 5 nations included, each in authentic uniforms. All units in the game are large, animated figures. Each turn covers one week of real time.

Manage important resources (recruits, horses, muskets, cannons, money and supply) and exploit the detailed political systems of the game, that allows you to influence political decisions.

Players can select basic ruleset for new players and advanced ruleset for veterans and can choose between 3 different difficulty levels.


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